Celcure provides long term protection for timber products in exterior applications

What is Celcure?

Celcure is the brand name for a comprehensive range of innovative high pressure timber preservative systems which have been developed by Koppers Performance Chemicals.

Synonymous with durability, Celcure formulations are based on unique and innovative combinations of copper and organic co-biocides to provide optimal protection against insect and fungal decay attack.


As a high pressure preservative system, the Celcure product range is effective in all Use Class applications from UC1-UC4, providing versatility with durable performance. The Celcure preservatives are however best suited to Use Class 3 and Use Class 4 applications where the risk of fungal decay and deterioration are greatest such as construction timbers, cladding, decking, fencing, landscaping timbers, agricultural stakes and utility poles.


3a — Above ground, coated. Exposed to frequent wetting.
3b — Above ground, uncoated. Exposed to frequent wetting.
4 — In contact with ground and fresh water. Permanently exposed to wetting.

Expected Service Life

Use Class 3 = 15 and 30 years
Use Class 4 = 15 and 30 years


Here at Calders and Grandidge we offer a high pressure treatment of Celcure, for external applications, both in-ground contact and out-of-ground contact e.g fencing, gates, landscaping timber, garden products, utility poles, decking and other outdoor projects.


Celcure is available in either the traditional green colour or with the addition of a brown additive.

Celcure Green preserved timber will initially have a green appearance that highlights the natural variations of the wood; this will weather to an attractive natural brown colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey, after long term exposure to the sun. Celcure, with Brown additive, preserved timber will initially have a dark brown appearance which will weather to a natural brown colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey.

All gates are available in a creosote version

Please note a contractor's log in is required for purchase of all creosote products