Price from £14.17

Recessed Closeboard Post

Price from £14.17

Saving you time and effort when erecting your closeboard fencing, our ready recessed post means you don't have to cut the grooves for your Arris Rails to sit in yourself. The recesses are cut perfectly to fit our Arris rails and make your job that little bit easier.

The weather topped upgrade ensures water runs off and away from your post rather than soaking into the timber over time. The treatment given to these posts allow for many years of service. The FSC/PEFC sourced timber is slow grown to ensure maximum strength and durability, before being hand crafted here in the U.K. Timber is then pressure treated to ensure its long life span and protection from the elements. 

You have a choice of finishes for your post. We can provide either a natural green finish or creosote, depending on which would look best in your chosen environment.

Please note: Creosote treated timber is available for restricted uses. Please contact the office on 01205 358866 to discuss your requirements.

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Price from £14.17
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All gates are available in a creosote version

Please note a contractor's log in is required for purchase of all creosote products